Skin Health

Skin health

Skin health is an increasing topic of discussion among beauty therapists and medical professional my clinic I see a lot of women and men both adult and teenage who present with ,Acne, Black heads, Red Veins to name but a few.

Using different modalities such as Electrylosis

, Laser and facials we have huge success in treating these conditions, but that is all well and good for these are only the symptoms of an underlying cause and not until we can identify these are we able to treat these conditions without risk of them returning.

Here at Deirdre Kelly beauty and skin clinic I will always advise my clients on a healthy diet regime. Not only is the intake of large amounts of water advisable but in my opinion it must be boiled hot water with Lemon which must be consumed, up to 2 Litres per day, it is best taken first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and continually taken throughout the day, it is also worth noting that one should not eat and drink at the same time so for example if you are after eating your dinner do not drink until at least 45 mins after eating, by doing this you are helping the body to naturally digest the food you have just consumed thus enabling health digestion, remember most skin issues are started with dysfunction in the Large intestine and in the Lungs, this is why smokers generally have bad skin, so in other words keeping your Large intestine and Lungs healthy will help with better skin and a clearer complexion.

Its important to eat loads of vegetables especially green such as cucumber,celery kalemakll these vege are very good at cleansing the digestive system and also act as diuretics which help cleanse the digestive system

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