Benefits of facials

Benefits of facials

Facials involve gentle massage of the face neck and upper back which help aid blood circulation around this region thus helping skin colour, reduction of facial lines and skin can also reduce the early onset of wrinkles, puffiness, and sagginess of the face as well as helping increase skin cell renewal.

Regular facial treatment also helps facial muscle tone and it is recommended facials should be done every six week for optimal results. After you have had a facial the skin will be hydrated within 48-72 hours, between 28-48 days cells will start to regenerate, this is why facials are recommended every 6 weeks so this cycle can be enhanced.

At Deirdre Kelly beauty therapist Dooradoyle Limerick I also add in neck and upper back massage to my facials as this helps increase blood flow to the head and face thus helping to increase optimal results. Other benefits of regular facials are skin exfoliation, tightening up of the skin, skin detoxing, increased skin absorption, facials also help the eyes from redness and puffiness, prevents skin ageing as well as acne, this can be very beneficial especially in teenagers who are very conscious of their appearance.

I am very aware that different people have very different skin types and I take this into account before I start any of my treatments.

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