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Facial is fundamentally a skin treatment involving range of varying essential oil, creams, exfoliation masks, peels and of course professional massage therapy. Facial massage, at regular interval, has proved effective in removing dead cells, reducing blemishes and spots making the skin look radiant overall. With growing age and rising pollution, the skin loses hydrating particles each minute so the skin lacks luster and turns arid. Fine lines and wrinkles emerge as a regular consequence. Using DECLÉOR products is one reliable way to satisfy demands of each skin type. Problems like acne, sensitivity, dehydration, uneven skin tone, suntan patches are all treated here under professional care devoid of generating any side effect. The glowing look is guaranteed and the skin looks visibly healthy and beautiful after every session.

Invigorating facial therapy that stimulates sense: revitalize dry, damaged skin and eradicate creepy fine lines, with Decleor range of facial treatment step into the world of natural beauty and elegance. These facial products are meant for all skin types and effective enough in reducing wrinkles, stress-marks, tan patches and dark circles.


Facial with Decléor products will de- sensitise the most sensitive skin type. Removing the redness and eruptions and make the skin tone even and radiating. Hydrating the skin Decléor makes sure that the skin becomes healthy and looks perfect. Treatment can be continued at home with products like Decléor milky cream harmonie range, and soothing micellar water.


Definitely an improved and effective skin care treatment this facial form not only helps in eliminating acne but also its root causes. Excessive oil formation and impurity are two stirring agents of acne development. Using finest Decléor oil control and exfoliating range facial is carried out adeptly and methodically so that the result turns out wonderful and skin becomes fairer and younger


Meant for all skin types and even after the first session the skin looks unblemished, hydrated. Such treatment will resculpt the skin, make it look toned, skin will receive a well-balanced mat finish. Such treatments using Decléor products are known for bringing back that rejuvenating effect that only surgery can bring about.